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The Chronicles of Emberstone Farm

A cozy fantasy LitRPG series

Joyful and fun! Like a comforting blanket that infuses you with a cheerful warmth, this is a heartwarming tale about farming, crafting, and magic.

Violet, an orphan from Earth, was just about to apply to a college when she got distracted by her favorite video game, Adventure Incarnate. When she logged into the MMORPG, she was transported into the world of the game.

Thankfully, Adventure Incarnate was a fun farming/adventure RPG, and she has an awesome cheat - her inventory is full of raw materials that she can use to level up and craft legendary items.

Join her in her lighthearted quest to become the greatest farmer of all time!

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Villain Rescue Scheme

A two-volume series

Reborn to Rescue a Video Game World!

After dying during a worldwide pandemic, ordinary college student Asteria was given a fresh start in the world of a popular video game. Her mission: to protect mankind from a forgotten danger. However, shouldn't the original main character of "Tales of Vesterland" be given his chance to shine? Now, armed with ALL the cheats, she's decided to let the hero do his thing while she saves the last boss and gets rid of the real villain who's been hiding behind the scenes. Join this OP adventurer in her hilarious candy-fueled quest to befriend the hero, save the villains, and have fun!

Volume One: "I Will Save the Villain" - Available on Amazon

Volume Two: "Villain Rescue Scheme" - Available on Amazon

About Lin Meili

Despite her unique personality - which is code for "weird" - L Meili is a humble writer who's just grateful for the opportunity to share her stories with the world.

In her free time, L likes to listen to pop music and indulge in her guilty pleasure of crackling pork with garlic rice. And let's not forget her daily fix of coffee, which she drinks like it's her job. You know how some people say they're fueled by passion? Well, L is fueled by caffeine.

She's a slow walker, but that's only because she likes to take in the scenery. She plays Stardew Valley and Hearthstone, and used to be addicted to Runescape, but she swears she's recovered (until the next relapse).